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Saturday, July 08, 2006

When I Grow Up

Clearly I have been brought up the wrong way. Why bother with years of education and hard work when I could have simply become a drug dealer?

Recently I was with a plain clothes "boshing door down" (plain clothes in the heat is fantastic as its so much cooler than a hot stuffy unform!!) team and we executed a drugs warrant on a house where one of the main local drug dealers lived (with his parents). He was about 17/18 years old.

So we get to the property and leg it up to the front door with other officers at the back. One officer uses his big red key to, quite literally, cause the front door to fly of its hinges. We all run in checking the rooms for people, but the house was empty. Except ofcourse, for the pet dog which shit on the floor and hid away (bless it).
So we start the seach looking for bits to do with drugs and proceeds of crime type stuff. On entering the house, you can tell something is not right. The house was in a scummy part of town and the insides of the house were lovely. Now this isnt to say that people cant live in shit areas but have nice houses, because as im sure we all know, they can! However, with this "jobless kid" and single mother living together, with her poorly paid job, it was obvious that there were issues about money and how the house was this nice.

This lads bedroom, two full leather sofa's, a projector hooked up to a Playstation 2, Xbox, Sky + and surround sound system. Huge double bed (not a cheap bed too!) More designer clothing than a shop, not to mention over £2000 in his draw.

Is this the kind of money/stuff I had at 17/18?? I wish!
Anyway he turns up, gets arrested (we found a small quantity of drugs - he isnt going to have his stash at home is he!) He got loads of his items seized under proceeds of crime act and other legislation too!

It does make you think though why are we all so law abiding? Not that it is a bad thing ofcourse!! It does go to show that crime does pay! However, I would far rather stick to the good side of the law!

As always please feel free to add your comments on this type of people/warrants you have done etc etc!


Joe90 said...

'Open the door, or we will open it for you!'

Usually works my friend, if it doesn't have the desired effect, you use the gold ole' big red key!

Anonymous said...

Until its a pvc door... and then it's just embarrassing.

I've done a few warrants. Nothing exciting mind you.

Gargoyle said...

Thought I might leave a comment on this one in a similar vein. I was attending at a burglary scene where the owner had left the country for a holiday, and his daughter was to open the house for us. Eve, as I will call her, was regialing us with her father's life story, and how he'd only recently been left by his current wife (not Eve's mum) and hadn't got many possessions to steal, and how unfair it was, etc. Eve was just saying how her father was on a business trip to Thailand when we walked into his bedroom and found a cupboard open and spilling out dozens of X rated Gay porno DVDs. "Oh, MY GOD!" I think was the response. What a shock for a daughter.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »