Blast From the Past

Monday, July 24, 2006

Im Sorry . . . . . . . Not!!

I read an article on the bbc news site which can be found here. Its basically a great new idea that young criminals can avoid court if they apologise to the victim!

he plan is one of a number of measures proposed by Lord Falconer to help speed up and improve criminal justice."

Improve?? I dont think so. Some call it "summary justice" but if I had a scroate at my door wanting to apologise to me for throwing that brick through my window, he wontbe greeted with a cake and a can of coke! More likely to have a kick up the arse, but were not allowed to do that!

Fair enough, currently warnings reprimands etc do bugger all at the moment but do they really think that this is an improvment to the criminal justice system??

Doesnt seem right to be honest, especially as you see the same little shits week in week out who are always up to no good, nicking stuff, yet are constantly in and out of the nick, yet none of this appears to effect them! They just know how to play the system, isnt it about time the system came round and bit them in the ass??

What do you think?


Gargoyle said...

You're back! Good to hear from you again. Crikey! What a stupid idea, can't believe that they would implement... then again we are looking at the Judicial system! I have a similar idea, I wonder if the legal system could accomodate it? The victim gets to kick the offender in the cods, just once for each offence. Nothing too extreme, just a hefty leg in da loins! Think the offenders would risk getting caught too often?

Joe90 said...

What a load of complete and utter tosh. I'm sorry just dosen't cut it these days and rightly so.

There are consequences if you break the law, or at least there should be.

PC PotShot said...

There is something that I've heard about. I think its called Restorative Justice.
I've heard it works but I'm not sure myself as I've never been involved in it. In the case of criminal damage, my take on RJ would be to get the suspect to restore the item to how it was before the incident, conpensate the victim and then to give the suspect a clip around the ear. Or if older, a kick in the nads like what Gargoyle said. Sounds fair to me. Restore and justice.

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