Blast From the Past

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Can I, Can I?? Please Sir!

When people first join/are interested in joining there is the ever increasing amount of questions which are asked.

There are sensible ones:

"Can I arrest people?" (yes you can)
"Do I get to drive?" (yes you can mainly)
"What duties do I do?"

Then you get totally realistic ones (not!)

Can I get an advanced driving course so I can bomb about in Volvos with the blue lights and sirens and ram people off the road and hit the over the head with my baton, oh can I buy a bigger baton as the one that the force has issued me isnt long enough, and oh oh can I turn it into one that zaps people and oh can I be a PCSO as well and be PSU trained as I will need that every day of the week incase Mrs Miggings down the road ever has problems whilst I am off duty and need to turn into robocop and save the day as in now a sworn police officer and have to report every offence I see and will I get paid, I think I should get paid as I am giving up my own free time to do this for free so should get paid, and they should teach me to fly the force helicoptor even though its based the other side of the county and has a full time pilot assigned to it and doesnt actually need a special to do it but hey, oh does the helicopter have blue lights on it because that would be sooo cooool. Oh and back to batons, can I have two at the same time because then I can do some Jedi moves and kick some ass with both of them, and what if I need to carry them off duty incase I need to arrest someone for parking on double yellow lines, can I have my airwave with me?

No? Oh.


Anonymous said...

d00d people want to train to be the best im waiting for my app to go thru to the police and if there was a chance for me to do all them things then i would jump at the chance, i do the job for hlping people but to say i have odne cool things like that is a bonus, i think you should lay off the n00bies as everyone gets like that at one time or another, even im sure you had the questions of can you be attached to some somrt of special unit sometime.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

very true - just a pity that there are regular officers still waiting for courses :)

Anonymous said...


I have asked, semi-seriously, about PSU training.

I have also thought about arresting people for minor infractions since I got my warrant card.

Still, I haven't asked for a transfer to the helicopter... yet

Anonymous said...

your blog is soooo true, some of the saddos serving and wannabees on Police specials .com who post threads really need to get some therapy and should not get anywhere near a police uniform let alone a car.

Joe90 said...

All this bravado and macho malarky wears off eventually.

It's part of growing up, if you can't have fun whist doing it, what's the point?

There is a time to be serious though, always.

Gargoyle said...

I've recently been encouraging a guy to make an application to the Police. I first met him when I attended to check forensics at his home after he was knocked unconcious by an offender in his home. After the second burglary in a month, I told him I would expect lunch next time! Then he saw a person stealing petrol from a servo, gave chase while on the phone to Police, was stood up by the offenders, then continued to follow them at high speed until Police stopped and arrested them. When he dropped into the Police station to see me (we're good mates now) I told him to apply for the Police, he couldn't avoid doing our work! Maybe he should put in an overtime claim for the effort put in so far!

Gargoyle said...

You must be working hard at the moment, mate. Long time no post! Chill dood!

Anonymous said...

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