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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Youth Of Today!

Now days, say the word hoodie and automatically you get images of obnoxious little shits who hang around the streets urinating up peoples fences/cars drinking white lightning throwing rubbish into residents gardens shouting and swearing, and generally being little shits!

This breed of human tend to have the following features:
  • A Cap
  • Tracksuit bottoms, often seen withthree stripes down the side
  • Trainers which often have a distinctive "tick" on them, and these individuals often talk about how "Phil J is spor'ing his new nik-iees for shaw"
  • A thick jumer with a hood which is usually placed over their cap
  • Have a limited vocabulary which mainly features profanities between words
  • Tend to walk like they have shit in their pants
  • Usually hang around in large groups outside the local Tesco Express

Now that we have established the breed of individual we are talking about, apply it to your local area! They are everywhere! The problem we have is that we get loads of calls from people expecting us to turn up and shoot them all (or similar!)

There are several types of calls

  1. Youths are congregating not drinking just quietly talking as its 19:00 and not late
  2. Youths are walking home after being at a local event
  3. Youths are drinking and being abusive
  4. About 50 youths are fighting and have weapons

People are under the impression that every youth is up to no good (number 1 & 2 of the above) but still call us, again and again the same night! We go to them at normal speed (this type of job is NOT a grade one! Yet we are expected by the residents to be there as soon as they call!)

Number 4 of the above is what happens when we dont attend as quick as the residents like, so they exagerate and make us risk our lives attending the job (if we are blue lighting it somewhere believe it or not we might crash! The blue lights are NOT, I repeat, NOT a shield of invincibility!) we get there to discover that the youths actualy fit into category 1 & 2.

Category 3 however, is what we get most of. We get there and they are all drinking being abusive and a pain in the arse!

When I (and many of you) were kids, yes we did some naughty things but did we get scared when the police came? Hell yes! We were even more scared if they took us home and would never ever play up with the police!

Today however, they shout abuse, throw stuff at us, even attack us! What has happened? Is it Tony Blairs tough on crime stance gone wrong? Parents not caring? Political Correctness gone mad? (answers on a postcard, or well a comment!)

I arrested a 15 year old drug dealer a while back and the abuse he gave was just awfull! And to be dealing drugs at that age? What has happened??

Whatever it is, it needs addressing! I bet that if we didnt have all this juvinile nuisance, there would be plenty of officers to go after "proper criminals" (apparently road traffic offenders are not criminals . . . ?)

As always, comments are welcome (and encouraged!)


Fat Special said...

Have you noticed how category 1 youths are generally Goths?
No attitude off them apart for being moody.
The number of times I've wandered into a group of goths had a crack with them and wandered away somehow failing to see the alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Fairly disapointing to hear you say what you said really about the publics response to getting you out, I totaly understand what your saying hand on heart I do, however being on the end of countless yob attacks where I live its a really crappy experiance and quite frightening too considering some of the well known youths have been known to stab people and are still walking the strees :-|

These kids dont care anymore becuase thier parents dont teach them to care, they teach them to respect no one because they too were born of young mothers who taught them to respect no one. Its about authority, the police have authority over people and so get respect from most people, just like my parents have authority over me thus i give them respect but the kids fear no one, you cant fight them or you can get done from the cops plus they never fight on thier own and would be so drugged up they would use a weapon without hesitation.

Im sick of it and would support a vigilante fully, not that the police arent doing a good job but they are too tied down to do an effective job. I know one case where a lad was murderd by idiots and they threw a concrete slab on his head (most the kids under the age of 16 who were doing it) this was a few years ago and now they are all out walking the hardman walk down the street "Oiii im solid, I went prison so i did".

ARGHHHHH This topic is too deep for me, sorry about the rant and the grammer im too agitated to correct it. :-)

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Fat Special- yes I have noticed that! They are ok but they are a minority and tend to only come out during the day!

Anon - dont get me wrong I get there as quick as I can but sadly by the time we get told of it, and get there, the kids are gone and pestering other people!
It has got really bad in one area that I will DEDICATE some of my time to specifically deal with the kids as have some of the PC's.
I hope I didnt offend you in anyway, I see it as a priority personally as I actually live in an area where some of these problems happen and find it intimidating myself.

Something that I have noticed though is due to this "yob culture" members of the public tar all youths with the same brush and call us (not that this is bad dont get me wrong) but some officers start to think that the next juvinile nuicense job they are going to will be nothing. Sorry if that sounds confusing!

To sum up what I have said, untill these yobs start to actually suffer (punishements from courts etc) then they will continue to "rule the streets".

Believe me please, when I say that we try our hardest to make these residents lives better, me especially as I must say, am in a similar situation as you.

Thanks for reading my blog by the way and hope you continue to do so :)

Fat Special said...

Quite right, too many chavs and dispite our best efforts you cant make them disappear.
Youth disorder calls are the main thing I deal with. Most kids are ok just lack a volume control, others are scrotes where a dark alley and the offer of the queens justice or mine seems a far more appropriate response.

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with you guys, just sometimes you feel powerless when the police only shift them on and they return as soon as the police go.

This blog is great keep up the good blogging.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Yeah totally agree it just moves them onto another area and you get problems there :(

Also different officers will deal in different ways - some wil say something is ok another officer will say its not.

Would a blanket policy help to get rif of the problem at all? Hmm!

Anonymous said...

what is a blanket policy? dont mean to sound dumb :)

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

apologies, its a poorly worded phrase by me!

Say instead of one officer making them all go home, yet another officer saying they can stay if they are quiet, a blanket policy would just tell them to all go home for example. It would be a policy which covers all officers so they all would tell them to go home its not an official phrase hope that helps :)

Anonymous said...

A blanket policy would help, I dont think it would make a big diffrence because its not tackaling the causes i.e. bad parenting but it would show the police are unified in thier decisions when it comes to these yobs and I know i would feel more relieved if the police were to stick to the same plan rather than one telling them to quieten down and leave them where they are.

CommsOperator said...

Yeah, I would just like to add re: resonse times.
Often when i'm call handling in the control room... the public will exagerate... it would start off as... "there are kids outside my house causing a nuisance, and i want the police out now!"
which you respond "sorry, but on officer will not be coming around immediatly due to the fact of on going domestics, burglaries, etc"
The public then step it up a gear "but theres 50 of them and they are all drinking"
"well, i'll see if we can get someone there as soon as possible."

How it seems to grown from kids outside... to a full scale... "riot" (yes i know police dont like that word! i should say... large scale disturbance)

To end... the public talk shite!

Anonymous said...

yea I understand that but the reason most 'exagerate' is because they dont think of what its like outside i.e. people getting burgled/attacked, they feel intimidated by these groups of drunk kids shouting and fighting and generaly causing a nuisance.

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

I an honestly see why people exagerate but it endangers other people who are genuinly in need of assistance. Its a fact that there are not enough officers about to cover all the jobs, and hence jobs are prioritised as different grades. Grade ones require urgent assistance asap which obviously needs officers to go to immediatly, but they cant if they are dealing with an eagerated kid problem.

Solution would be get more coppers out there! :)

DogsBody said...

It also endangers our lives when we blat down there on blues to reports of 50 people fighting with knives - even though we know it is a load of BS, we can't take the risk that it may be that one time there really are 50 people fighting with knives.
Also, if i'm running to nuisance youths, I will have no worries diverting to a higher graded job, ie Suspects On or Violent Domestic and if it's an assistance call put up by another officer, I don't care what i'm allocated to, i'll divert and assist that officer!

thinblueline said...

it also has to do with muppet civis in the control room as well

50 youths fighting with knifes... b$ call .. you know it when it comes over the radio and you still wait 30 -50 seconds before you half arsed take it