Blast From the Past

Friday, May 12, 2006


Today one of our collegues from another force was murdered by some gutless scumbag, similar to lots of other scum bags which now inhabit our country under our great "Criminal Rights Act"

The full story can be seen on the BBC News Website and also read my fellow blogger's post Special Constables Blog

It is sad and my condolances for her family.

Is this what Britain has come to? Murdering police officers? Is this Tony Blairs tough on crime stuff. Perhaps its about time that the government got their fingers out their arse and think "how many more police officers have to be killed before we actually do something about the shit state this country is becoming"

Look how much her collegues care and are also upset about this on Police Specials Forum. It is very sad this event is.

It was only a few months ago that another officer was almost killed on duty but luckily survived, you would think that the courts would start to punish these scum bags and discourage other pondlife from doing the same. I apologise about some of this language but it is just unacceptable!

Deepest condolances to a truley good officer who spent many hours of her life volunteering for the Met doing what she can to help her community.


gonorr said...

oh yes, it's a shame.
Seems that at present we seem to prfer to look after the criminals rather than the victims.
Far too many scrotes around who accept no responsibilty for their actions and are always willing to blame something / someone else.

Until this is changed, it's downhill all the way.

Anonymous said...

Massive uncontrolled population migration into the UK.
Over crowded prisons.
Insufficient drug/mental health capability.
Failed probation service.
NHS at breaking point.
Police stretched to breaking point due to volume and complexity of crime.
Break down of social cohesion leading to anti social yobs.
Rise of terrorism.

I just see too much for the government to fix and I fear this will become a common occurence. I hope otherwise.

My thoughts are with Nisha's family and friends at this difficult time. She died doing what she believed in. Rest easy.

Joe90 said...

British Justice, that term means nothing these days. I have only just finished reading a News Article where a PC was Convicted of Common Assault because he clipped two lads around the ear who were vandalising his car and terrorising his neighbours. Totally unbelieveable.

My condolences go out to SPC Nesri's family and friends.

So brave, so young, so beautiful, so happy all of that was taken from her by a coward.

May she rest in peace, her bravery and courage is an example to us all.