Blast From the Past

Friday, June 09, 2006

Unmarked Car

Recently I have had the chance to take out an unmarked police car equipped with lights and siren. This is a rarity as the only departments to have these cars are traffic and the proactive area teams. However, after befriending a sergeant, he is more than happy for me to take this car out if its available.
Now, the local "professional scumbags" know all the unmarked cars as they have nothing better to do than to commit crime and therefore obviously want to know what cars the plod are using. To the ordinary members of society, they have no clue.
So I am driving along to a non urgent job when what comes screeching round the corner at umpteen miles per hour? Johnny Happy and his mates. So I decide to follow them to see what naughty things they get up to with them totally oblivious to what is behind them . . . that is until some magical buttons are pressed and the car turns into a christmas tree on wheels!

"Oh I am sorry I was driving like that im really sorry"

*Checks PNC/Local system*"Ahh, so you have driven like a muppet before laddy?" (there is intel that the car has been driven like a race car!)

"nooo not at all!"

"Are you familier with S59 Police Reform Act"

"oh shit, dont take my car off me"

Anyway, he got a warning for it as he had not had one before so was fortunate enough to keep his car!

The local scroates also get a nice shock when you get right up to them and jump out on them, whereas in a marked car they will see you a mile off, and well, leg it!

Its mostly however, the ability to shock motorists. I was following a car which had gone through a red light (not just changing, but blatently red) and stopped them. They did not expect it at all. What was their defence?
I was in a hurry?
I didnt see it?
I am too pissed to notice stupid things like that?

Nope, none of the above! All they said was "had I see you I wouldnt have done it!!"

Marked cars may show a great presence on the roads and deter people from doing stupid things at that time, but if your not there then maybe they will do those stupid things!
Simple fact of the matter is that you shouldnt do things that are illegal, and plain stupid at anytime of the day whether or not there is a police car! More unmarked cars I say to bring up driving standards!!
On another note, got quite a few people on their mobile phones! Hoorah I am sure I hear you say!!

And finally - you never know - that car behind you may be an unmarked plodmobile!


Wayne said...

I was here first, naw naw naw naw naw. England for the win. P.S. Police should have rocket propelled tyre spikes that pop peoples tyres when they go thru reds. HAW HAW.

DogsBody said...

"The local scroates also get a nice shock when you get right up to them and jump out on them,..." How very true!
I went out in an unmarked car wearing jeans and a tatty jacket (to cover my vest and harness)the other week, saw someone I recognised from briefing as being wanted so screamed up in front of him, jumped out and shouted "OI YOU, STAND STILL!" his face was a picture, think he thought he was about to get mugged!

Isabella Snow said...

Come police the country I live in. Please. Everyone drives well over 110 mph on the highways and 70 mph in pedestrian zones. Red means "2 more cars allowed" and green means "enter intersection at your own risk." Maximum car length between you and the fool behind you is 3 inches. Unless its raining. In which case, its 4. Police dont.. uh.. police. And if they do, 4 bucks will see you get a warning for 130 in a 60. I'm not kidding!

Joe90 said...

'Johnny Happy and his mates.'


Anonymous said...

We can use that new bit of legislation to impound vehicles for no roadtax/insurance etc. thats pretty cool. Either they collect their Scrote movile for a £100 at the storage yard or it gets broken up in 7 days and sold for scrap. ave it!

ExtraSpecialCopper said...

Its a shame that instead of scrapping seized vehicles they arnt sold on Ebay or something . . . make the force a few quid, although if doing this it will create numerous new desk jobs for bobbies who are fed up with the street!